Best friends of Chill Inn

Member card tiers

Black tier

Given to regular customers by staff or manager choice.

Includes 10% discount on all food

Silver tier

Earn 200 points by month or 500 points in 3 months to upgrade black to silver tier

Includes 12% discount on all food and soft drinks

Gold tier

Earn 500 points by month or 1200 points in 3 months to upgrade silver to gold tier

Includes 15% discount on all food and drinks

Monthly updated table with points

Last update 11.09.2023

No.Member NameCard numberPointsTier
1Sam Faiz0920000001113Gold member
2Don092000100882Black member
3Manfred092000101379Black member
4Ernest Cvetko092000000269Gold member
5Walter092000101460Black member
6Gregor Henke092000010159Silver member
7Rino Slovenia092000100454Black member
8Alex Denmark092000101543Black member
9Nobi092000100242Black member
10Peter092000100138Black member
11Phillip092000101038Black member
12Trevor092000101628Black member
13Berry092000100922Black member
14Alex Serbia092000000518Gold member
15Wolfgang Germany092000102018Black member
16Eric Sweden092000101816Black member
17David Australia092000100512Black member
18Didi092000101110Black member
19Ady Sweden09200010199Black member
20Dario09200010179Black member
21Zlatko09200000037Gold member
22Herman Nederland09200010065Black member
23Mathieu Nederland09200010074Black member
24Bobby sexy man09200000063Gold member
25Zare09200000041Gold member
26A Morocco09200010210Black member
27Chaba Hungary09200000070Gold member
28Marcus09200010120Black member
29Peter Hungary09200010030Black member